We Believe You Are What You Eat!

Don't you want to be good?

The hard working folks in the kitchen at the Little Bird wake up long before the sun each day to bring you freshly baked pastries and savory treats made from scratch with fresh, seasonal, and often locally sourced ingredients.

We proudly use only the purest raw ingredients in our recipes, so you'll never find any mixes, artificial colorings or flavorings, preservatives, or anything that you can't pronounce in any of our food. We can't imagine it any other way!

Because we really do bake everything fresh each morning, we've been known to run out of some things part way through the day. If you have your little heart set on a particular pastry we encourage you to give us a call and let us know; we're more than happy to set that pastry aside until you can make it in!

And Drink . . .

Our pastries are great accompanied by a handcrafted beverage featuring Colorado's own Boxcar Coffee, Harbinger Coffee, Bhakti Chai, and Sherpa Chai.