Why is the pastry case so empty by late afternoon?
We put our hearts and souls into providing you with only the FINEST pastries. We do our best to estimate daily sales and bake accordingly; sometimes this means we run out of things before closing time. We'd rather that than to have a case full of dry, day old pastries.

Are you a French Bakery?
In a word, no. Our pastry menu is inspired by great experiences, travels, memories, and the delicious foods therein that have shaped us over the course of our lives. We strive to create and bring to you the very best version of each item we offer, be it French, Italian, American, or what have you.

I want a heart-shaped cake with pink frosting today at 2:oo, why are you telling me "No"?

We are a small bakery with a small kitchen staff who prepare everything you see in our shop, from scratch. Quality takes time; we ask you to give us plenty of it to accommodate your special order, because that's exactly what we want it to be, special!

We believe you are what you eat and we want you to be good, pure, and wholesome. Therefore those are the only kinds of ingredients we use. We do not use any artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, or anything we don't know how to pronounce in our food.

We believe simplicity best allows the ingredients to speak for themselves. Therefore we are unable to accommodate orders including custom shapes, colors, decorations, etc.


  • It takes roughly 24 (wo)man hours each day to produce all the treats we sell.
  • We make EVERYTHING from scratch, you know, the way your grandma used to!
  • There are 4 awesome ladies and 3 great guys that bake all your favorite treats.
  • We go through about 100 lbs of butter, 250 lbs of flour, 100 lbs of sugar, and 60 dozen eggs a week.
  • We bake a little bit of love into each pastry!